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UPlus Academy is an international research and service institution for the rehabilitation of autism. We are committed to providing the world's leading professional services for children with autism and developmental disabilities, families, working teachers, schools and governments, bringing hope to families and making companionship more effective.


To become the world's most innovative application and development research center for special needs children.



The original purpose of UPlus intervention training for children is to enable these children to receive professional and comprehensive systematic intervention services during the "golden intervention period". Some institutions and parents regard the rehabilitation of children's language ability as their goal, but scientifically speaking, it is only one part to train children's language ability. If autistic children do not have comprehensive ability improvement, it will be very difficult to move towards social integration in the future.


If an intervention program is effective, the data assessed should provide critical information to support the development of an Individualized Intervention program.


The whole teaching effect can be steadily promoted through the following aspects: children's assessment, data analysis, parent communication, dynamic tracking and adjustment of training effect, etc. Among them, data analysis and curriculum teaching are the key technology implementation and application of our daily intervention training for children, it is the key to ensure the rationality and effectiveness of each child's Early Intervention program. Specific and effective methods of early intervention training for special children have been developed. Various multimedia rehabilitation training equipment and software for special children have been developed and studied as a strong ASD focus point to support learners.


ABA is the theoretical basis of curriculum development; combined with on-site teaching development and data validation to which has positive effects on the improvement of autistic children's language, eye contact, concentration, body coordination, social interaction with limitless skills to teach. UPlus Academy's application of multimedia technology has provided technological solutions for children's development institutions in hundreds of countries and has served hundreds of institutions in more than 100 cities worldwide.

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