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Social Skills

We offer clinic-based social skills groups that target areas of language development and socialization. Children are provided with the opportunity to use their social skills in a natural environment through various social interactions with peers.

Parents Training

We integrate parents training into every child’s plan. The greatest success can only be achieved when therapists and family members work together as a cohesive and consistent team promoting generalization of new behavior repertoires across all settings. Family members are taught how to become great teachers for their children.

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Remote Training

UPLUS offers individualized ABA program and consultation to families via our Parallel Education APP. This service is particularly useful for families in other states and for families with limited availability.

1:1 Clinic-Based ABA Sessions

1:1 sessions focus on increasing socially acceptable behaviors such as attending, compliance and establishes foundational learn to learn behaviors, while decreasing socially inappropriate behaviors by using the principals of applied behavior analysis(ABA)

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A Board Certified Behavior Analyst will meet with your family and conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment for your child. This assessment will focus on identifying your child’s current strengths and deficits, in order to create a Treatment Plan that will shape any needed skills

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